Case Study

12 CEMS with centralized DAHS for La Reunion
The 1st project is for the account of Albioma Thermal Power Stations located in 2 different sites: Le Gol – Saint Louis & Bois Rouge – Saint André.
Both are generating electricity and steam for a neighboring sugar refinery. They operate on charcoal and bagasse (dry residue from sugar extraction from sugar cane), and both have 3 stacks.


  • 2 stacks are being equipped with a shelter composed of 2 HOFI – MIR 9000H heated multi-gas analyzers (HCl, SO2, NOx, CO, H2O, O2, and NH3), STACKFLOW 200 flowmeters and WEXTM MCERTs certified emissions management system. Upstream in the process, the General Electric (GE) desulfurization installation (DeSOx) is also being equiped with 2 HOFI Box sampling systems and MIR 9000H multi-gas monitors (HCl, SO2, H2O, O2 and NH3) and heated MVS (multivalve system). All the analyzers have been installed in the same shelter.
  • 1 main chimney coming after a wet fume treatment process is being set up with a chassis composed of 1 HOFI / MIR 9000H multi-gas (SO2, NOx, CO, H2O, O2 and NH3), PCME STACKFLOW 200 and WEX DAHS software. In addition to this, the by-pass chimney for the flue gas treatment, a HOFI / Heated Multivalve system (MVS) is also connected to the above MIR 9000H
All the data generated by the installed CEMS are centralized for each plant on one single computer equipped with WEX data processing and emissions reporting software which calculates (scaling, correction, linearization, normalization) and aggregates the resulting data over different time periods. The Emission Limit Value (ELV) exceedance detection is also included with the software, as well as trend monitoring for early warning alerts. It also ensures that the CEMS suite is running at its fullest capabilities, eliminating the risk of excess emissions. An automatic & permanent back-up of the software system is available on a separate CPU. In case of failure on the main system, it automatically switches to the backup, providing the exact same possibilities for acquisition & processing with no data loss.

The 2nd project won is for Bouygues Saint Pierre

Bouygues is building in Saint Pierre the 1st Ecosite labeled power plant, based on a molasses distillery ethanol resulting from sugar cane (biofuel) on behalf of Albioma. We are currently putting together the necessary shelter for this project, containing a HOFI / MIR 9000H multi-gas (SO2, NOx, CO, H2O, O2 and NH3) / STACKFLOW 200 / WEX system.

This makes a total of 12 MIR 9000H systems and 3 WEX software for La Réunion.

About Albioma: an independent energy producer developing and operating projects in the three fast-growing sectors of thermal biomass, anaerobic digestion and solar power.

“Our core business is high-performance energy recovery from biomass that is free from any conflict of use, with particular emphasis on bagasse, the fibrous residue that remains after sugar cane has been crushed. This original historical market positioning has established the Group as a central player in energy generation for the French overseas departments and Mauritius, our first international venture.” Read more

About Bouygues, a global leader in energy, digital and industrial transformation

Bouygues Construction started in early 2010, the approach Ecosite® which seeks to reduce the environmental footprint of its operations during the construction phase.To meet this challenge, site environmental standards, common to all Group entities have been defined.They come with an internal label Ecosite®, which rewards sites that have implemented these standards.This allows teams to mobilize around environmental objectives clearly displayed and guarantee customers a site made with the utmost respect for the environment and the neighbourhood. Read more