European CO2 Summit 2024
19 February, 2024
21 February, 2024
Telfs, Austria
An adage that captures the great CO2 paradox in one succinct sentence. Yet this paradox in carbon dioxide availability and sourcing is being challenged. How we see CO2 is changing.
CO2 is shifting from by-product and waste disposal to an integral circular value chain in its own right, but is it moving quick enough?
We know that sourcing has to change. We know the CO2 supply chain in Europe is fraught with instability and vulnerability; at the same time, demand continues to grow. We know that decarbonisation brings opportunities, but it could also present threats if invaluable CO2 is taken off the table and lost.
Stewardship and urgency are the order of the day, before paradox becomes procrastination and ultimately, plight.
The clock is ticking, which begs the question, if CO2 is there to be captured and the proven technology exists to do that, what needs to happen next ?
Join gasworld in Austria in February as we turn the attention to what comes next and an action plan for the CO2 business of tomorrow, at the Europe CO2 Summit 2024.
CO2 Fingerprints: Determining Biogenic VS Fossil CO2 Content
Jürgen Reinmann, ENVEA GmbH
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