AQMS-Datenverarbeitung und Berichterstattung


Datenerfassungs-, Verarbeitungs- und Berichterstattungssoftware, die in der Lage ist, netzwerkmäßig Tausende von AQMS-Stationen und Messgeräte zu verwalten.

Die XR®-Umweltmanagementsoftware von ENVEA bietet die Einhaltung von Luftqualitätsstandards (Grenz- und Richtwerte) für die Beurteilung und das Management der Luftqualität.
Die XR®-Software zentralisiert und handhabt alle Ihre Daten aus der Luftqualitätsüberwachung. Neben der Überwachung der Qualität der gesamten Messkette bietet sie eine ganze Reihe von Werkzeugen für die Datenverarbeitung und -prognose. Mit seinen einzigartigen Funktionen wie dem automatischen Datenvalidierungsmodul und den QA/QC-Tools ist XR® die fortschrittlichste Software-Suite für Ihr Datenmanagement.

It provides breakthrough features:
  • Acquisition, processing and display of any type of environmental data: gas and dust analysers, meteorological sensors, samplers…
  • Automatic comparizon with regulatory pollutant limit values (ELV’s)
  • Data collection from hundreds of environmental monitors and sensors (more than 250 communication protocols available)
  • Traceability and high availability of the raw and validated data
  • Advanced statistics, automatic data validation and reports
  • Advanced control of the measurement chain
  • Input and import of analysis results
Fixed monitoring stations for the continuous measurements and analysis of air pollutants (particulates & gases)
Mobile laboratories that help examine the air quality at various locations, as well as the geographic distribution of air pollution.
Data acquisition:

  • Data acquisition from analyzers and other devices via digital or analog inputs
  • Calculations (scaling, adjustment, linearization, normalization); aggregation of the resulting data on various time period to determine averages
  • Management of failures, thresholds overruns and alarms

Data management:

  • Automatic sending of an email, SMS, fax, etc. on failures or thresholds overruns
  • Communication management between the software and the data acquisition systems
  • Assignment of a quality code for raw and mean data (e.g. maintenance, calibration, drift, alert, failures…)


  • System status display (failures, alarms, thresholds overruns)
  • Multi-window display (slideshow)
  • Data display: raw, means, trends…
  • Supervision of configured parameters, remote monitoring of analyzers
  • Real-time data follow-up, interactive set-up, calibration and automatic results monitoring, remote testing

Data validation (manual):

  • Tables and/or charts data display
  • Several validation levels with different level rights and logging
  • Actions traceability (data validation, invalidation, adjustment)
  • Quality codes for the data (maintenance, calibration, drift, alerts, failures…)
  • Automatic statistical analysis on previous pollution episode

Data validation (automatic):

  • Automatic data validation in real time
  • Set of customizable data validation rules
  • Backup of the automatically validated data until final inspection
  • Traceability of the automatically validation actions

Report management:

  • Import of laboratory data, automatic or manual data export in various file formats: Excel, XML, HTML, PDF, CSV…
  • Automatic edition of compliant and customized reports according to local authorities’ requirements

System management and security:

  • Database: size control, automatic back-up, data archiving, cleaning and restoring
  • Detailed management of access rights for different user profiles. Systemlogon via identification
  • Logging of any actions either carried out by the users or automatically operated by the software
  • Automatic U.P.S. management in case of power failure
  • Reporting on system operations (failures, communication status, etc.)

Quality Assurance and Quality Control:

  • Control charts management
  • Automatic management of calibration charts
  • Automatic analysis and results checking
  • Three different control charts available simultaneously and automatically for each analyzer : CUSUM (NFX06-031-4), EWMA (NFX06-031-3) and Shewart (ISO 8258)
  • Graphical display of monitor calibrations and historical data
    Compliance with:

  • mCERTSPerformance Standards and Test Procedures for Environnemental Data Management Software​

  • ISO 7168-1: 1999 – Air quality exchange of data
  • AFNOR NF X 06-044 norm
  • European Directive 2008/50/CE