Schwefeldioxid-Analysator der e-Serie

AF22e Verdünnung

UV-Fluoreszenz-Gasüberwachungssystem mit hervorragenden Leistungen für die Überwachung von SO2 im Bereich von 0-10 ppm oder 0-1 ppm

Öko-Design, Referenzluftqualitätsmonitor, QAL1 vom TÜV zertifiziert, US-EPA zugelassen. Verwendet die Standardmethode für die Messung von Schwefeldioxid (EN 14212). Mit seinem extrem niedrigen Stromverbrauch und der 24-V-Versorgung (Option) ist der AF22e der einzige SO2-Monitor auf dem Markt, der in der Lage ist, ohne Anschluss an das Stromnetz zu messen.

  • Superior metrological performances for SO2 measurements in ranges 0-10 ppm or 0-1 ppm
  • Innovative conception of the optical module for excellent sensitivity and signal stability
  • Real-time calibration graph, animated synoptic, auto-diagnostic, control and maintenance data screens can be displayed while the instrument is operating
  • Embedded Communication Protocol for XR® Software with automatic recognition and configuration
  • Able to withstand temperatures up to 45-50 °C without air conditioning
  • Special architecture means that no additional pump is necessary in case of permeation bench (in option)
  • Automatic recognition of plugged electronic boards or optional devices: plug & play principle
  • Smart, connected instrument with embedded web server for the easiest, full remote control and operation of the analyzer from any PC, tablet or smartphone (configuration, calibration, test, diagnostic parameters…)
  • Integrated web-server with full remote emulation of the analyzer through the ENVEA Connect free app
  • Continuous indoor and outdoor air quality monitoring
  • Stationary and mobile AQMS laboratories
  • Industrial fence-line monitoring
  • Continuous emissions monitoring (CEM) by dilution
  • Laboratory & field studies on SO2/H2S/TRS effects…
  • Background (urban or suburban) Rural, Traffic, Kerbside measurement campaigns and monitoring studies
Measurable parameters
Pollutant Range
SO2 0-300 / 6000
H2S 0-150
Lowest / Highest available ranges expressed in mg/m3 (may vary with your site conditions to be indicated on the Site Survey Form)
(*) Min/Max based on 100/200 Dilution Rate (other ranges & dilution rates available upon request)
Technical specifications
Sampling technology Dilution
Sample transfert non heated polytube
back flush function YES
span injection YES
Built-In O2 option NO
Serial link communication Optional
Other Communication Ethernet
Analogue OUTPUTS Optional
Analogue INPUTS Optional
Dimensions (mm) 19” rack: 483 x 545 x 133 mm (D x W x H)

  • 7’’ TFT colour touch screen
  • WiFi module (with the no-screen version)
  • RS232 or RS485 Serial interface (via USB port)
  • Built-in permeation bench with SO2 tube
  • Internal converter for the measurement of H2S (range 0-1000 ppb)
  • External converter module TRS → SO2 for the measurement of total reduced sulfur compounds (range 0-1000 ppb)
  • External opto-isolated I/O interface with:
    4 independent analog inputs / 4 independent analog outputs / 4 remote control inputs / 6 dry contacts outputs
  • 24V Power supply

  • 2008/50/EC, EN 14212, EN 15267, 40 CFR PART 53 SUB B and SUB C
  • QAL 1 certified by the TÜV to N° 0000051690
  • U.S. EPA approved as compliant with EQNA-0802-149
    ENVEA monitoring solutions are European QAL 1 certified and in compliance with the latest international regulations & standards.
    They are also approved and certified by various laboratories and organizations around the world such as: US EPA, TÜV, GOST, CEN, JQA, CNEMC, JMOE, KTL, CNSA, LCSQA…