CEMS Multiplexersystem


MVS 2M ist ein Multikanalsystem, das die Verteilung von zwei, drei oder vier Rauchgaskanaläen an ein Gasüberwachungssystem (GMS) ermöglicht

Seine Funktion besteht darin, das GMS mit den Probenahmesystemen für Gas und Kalibriergas zu verbinden und die Redundanzfunktion zu ermöglichen.

Erhältlich in 2 Versionen:

  • MVS 2M beheizt, zur Verwendung mit dem HOFI-Probenahmesystem und den Gasmonitoren MIR 9000H / MIR FT / Graphit 52 M
  • MVS 2M unbeheizt, zur Verwendung mit dem SEC-Probenahmesystem und den Analysatoren MIR 9000 / MIR 9000CLD / MIR IS
For stacks, the sampling is carried out using the HOFI boxes (MVS 2M – heated version) or the SEC probes (MVS 2M – not-heated version). Other sampling systems are possible on request. The redundancy functions are only ensured for the sampling boxes, DTP (flow-temperature-pressure) function included. All other measurements (dust, mercury, etc.) are not taken into account by the MVS 2M.
  • Data communication and control functions are ensured by Ethernet, serial link or dry contact
  • No influence from the pressure
  • Back-up of RAM memorized data and real time clock
  • Interactive menu-driven software with LCD display allowing ease of operation
  • All the ENVEA’s gas sampling systems can be used with dry or heated MVS multiplexing solutions (2 to 4 channels)
  • Over 1,000 installations worldwide, covering many applications and industries
    Available in 2 versions:

  • MVS 2M heated, to be used with HOFI sampling system and MIR 9000H / MIR FT / Graphite 52 M gas monitors
  • MVS 2M non-heated, to be used with SEC sampling system and MIR 9000 / MIR 9000CLD / MIR IS monitors
  • Cogeneration, Gas Turbines
  • Industrial Boilers
  • Furnaces
  • Power & Combustion
  • Cement plants
  • Incinerators…
Technical Specifications
Heated version Unheated version
Pre ventilation of gas sample or bleeding air 100-200 l/h 15-30 l/h
Compressed air pressure 5.5 bar mini N/A
Compressed air consumption 0.5 to 1 m3/h N/A
Electric consumption 700 W (2 channels) / 1000 W (3 channels)
1300 W (4 channels) + 110 W per meter of heated line
Communication port RS232/RS422, Ethernet
Operating temperature +5°C to +40°C
Working temperature  180°C ambient T°
Alarm checking Permanent: display or bargraphs indication
with WEX software
Thermal alarms: alarms T°C <175°C —
190°C > alarms T°C,
Permanent: display or bargraphs
indication with WEX software
Ejector Built-in, heated N/A
Dimension (DxWxH) 300x632x847 mm 200x400x600 mm
Weight (kg) 15 Kg 10 Kg
MVS 2M supplies GMS with measurement gas exclusively through one channel, or sequentially through two, three or four channels.

This equipment is slave of the Central Control Desk (PCC), even if it is possible to manually control MVS 2M from LCD screen mounted on the front panel.