Berührungslose Materialflussüberwachung (Flow/NoFlow)


Mikrowellensensor zur berührungslosen Materialflussüberwachung (Flow/NoFlow).

Das System arbeitet berührungslos unter Verwendung von Mikrowellen, wobei die Materialbewegung durch die Ausnutzung des Dopplereffektes erkannt wird.

Der FlowJam ist ein besonders prozesssicheres Gerät, da die Mikrowelle Materialanbackungen am Sensor durchdringen kann und die dahinter liegende Materialbewegung zuverlässig erkennt. Falls Behälterwände, Gehäuse oder Leitungen nicht metallisch sind, ist es möglich, von außen durch diese hindurch zu messen.

  • Absolutely insensitive against material deposits
  • For any line diameter
  • With adapter, usable up to 220 °C and 20 bar
  • Compact (no separate electronics)
  • With ceramic mounting, usable up to 1000 °C
  • Signalling through relay switching
  • Different sensitivity levels
  • Detection through all non-conductive walls
  • Can also be supplied with short housing and separate electronics
  • Detection of material blockage and material standstill
  • Steel
  • Food
  • Biomass
  • Cement
  • Chemistry
  • Coal plant
  • Coating
  • Incineration
  • Minerals
  • Wood
  • Lime plant
  • Energy
  • Gypsum
  • Power plant
  • Foundry
Technical Specifications
Material to detect Dust, powders or granulates
Working principle Microwave
Process pressure Max. 20 bar
Process temperature Up to +1000°C
Mounting 1 1/2 ” threat connection
Type of Conveying All
Flow rates No limit
Pipe diameter/detection range Up to 1200 mm
Output Relay
  • For any line diameter
  • With adapter usable up to 220 °C and 20 bar
  • With ceramic mounting usable up to 1,000 °C
  • Operates with no contact, using microwaves in a process in which the material movement is detected by using the Doppler effect
  • Can also be used under difficult conditions such as high operating temperatures and pressures with the help of a process adapter
Technical Data
Housing material Stainless steel 1.4571
Protective system IP 65
Process temperature -20…+80 °C
-20…+220 °C (with process adapter)
Max. 1000 °C (with ceramic flange)
Ambient temperature -20…+60 °C
Working pressure Max. 1 bar
Max. 20 bar (with process adapter)
Power supply 24 V DC/AC ± 10 %
Relay contact Max. rated load: 250 V AC
Max. peak current:6 A
Max. rated load 230 V AC: 250 VA
Max. breaking capacity DC1: 3/110/220 V:
3/0.35/0.2 A
Min. switching load: 500 mW (10 V/5 mA)
Response time 250 ms …15 s (continuously adjustable)
Measuring frequency 24.125 GHz; ± 100 MHz
Transmitting power Max. 5 mW
Weight 1.0 kg
Dimensions Housing: length of 216 mm /
diameter of 52 mm
Thread: length of 30 mm /
diameter of G 1½”
Technical Data
Pressure adapter Temperature adapter Food adapter High temperature adapter
Material Stainless steel 1.4571,
POM diaphragm
Stainless steel 1.4571,
Tecapeek diaphragm
Stainless steel 1.4571,
Tecapeek GF30 diaphragm
Ceramic diaphragm
Temperature -20…+80 °C Max. +220 °C Max. +220 °C Max. 1000 °C
Pressure Max. 20 bar Max. 20 bar Max. 20 bar Max. 40 bar
Thread G 1½ inch on both sides G 1½ inch on both sides G 1½ inch on both sides G 1½ inch on both sides
Wrench width 55 mm 55 mm 55 mm 17 mm

The FlowJam can be easily installed in the following ways:

  • Figure 1: Screwing into a G 1½”-inch-threaded connection
  • Figure 2: Using a DN 40 flange
  • Figure 3: Using a pipe clamp or other holding brackets
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