Software and DAHS support

ENVEA, through its subsidiary ENVEA Data Management (formerly Iséo Environnement), is one of the world’s experts in environmental data processing and analysis. Its data acquisition and processing systems enable data from analyzers and measurement systems to be managed in a network, in the cloud or locally.
The software – XR® for ambient air and WEX for industrial emissions – guarantees the management of gaseous emissions, liquid discharges and meteorological parameters, the supervision of AMS, the validation and the distribution of data in complete security in the form of regulatory reports. The platform DUST TOOL allows data management related to particulate emissions and bag house monitoring.
The ENVEA Data teams offer a complete support to the users.
Our offer

Our offer

  • Software updates
    • On demand
    • As an annual contract
  • Remote support and technical assistance: system audit, troubleshooting
    • Working days: on demand or under annual contract
    • On-call on weekends and holidays (under maintenance contract only)
    • User club (for customers under contract)
  • Webinars / tutorials
  • Turnkey training, e.g.: creation and editing of reports, automatic data validation, commissioning of a data acquisition and processing system, etc.
    • Remotely
    • On site
    • Several levels depending on user profiles (operator, administrator…)

Your benefits

  • A quick and tailored support
  • A monitoring system always up to date in terms of current OS and languages
  • Regulatory compliance: emissions (EN 14181, EN 17255) – ambient air (2008/50/EC, ISO 7168)

Our resources

A dedicated team for support and development of software solutions and data acquisition / processing.
Your benefits
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